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Does your Club need help managing GDPR?

Many Clubs are worried they are not ready for GDPR, and with big fines for not complying. Worry not! - iTeamMate provides Club's with a simple system that helps in a number of ways:

  1. Store all your data safely in one place and in line with regulations
  2. Have all your data backed up on secure servers
  3. Allow members to see & amend all the data you hold on them
  4. Upload any Club policies from health and safety to GDPR and monitor who has agreed
  5. Help coaches & volunteers understand their responsibilities
  6. Communicate simply from one database where users have consented to your communication.

gdpr for sports and membership clubs

Manage Subs
Setup Direct Debits
Manage Payments


One Platform
Messaging Platform
Player Availability


Club Registration
Secure Storage
Manage Forms


Develop Players
Develop Coaches
Share Hints and Tips


Manage Events
Player Booster
Grow Volunteers



Ever dreamed of having all your information in one place, accurate and secure so you can run your club efficiently? Now you can with iTeamMate:

- Secure and Accurate Database for easy Communication
- Documents stored securly in one place
- Online policy roll-out with "I Agree" confirmations
- Player and Coach Development
- Subs management option

All from as little as 2p per player!


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Effective Subs Management and Online Subs Payments

Combining automatic subs collection with automatic subs reconciliation means lots more subs collected and lots less time wasted! Add payments to that, and you have a powerful tool to make life so much easier.


Instantly see which members owe money.

Choose which members you want to chase.


One central database allows everyone to email key contacts, teams and even the whole club!


Quickly and easily create messages.

Create fixtures for your teams, include location maps, send a copy to the opposition and official, plus see member availability.


Safely store and retrieve key documents and photos, manage policies and forms, and manage and control certification such as coaching level and DBS expiry all on-line


Easily manage your club policies and keep track of who has agreed to them.

Visually report on the status of your coaches and volunteers' certificates.

Coach – Player & Coach Development

Simple on-line forms to help players and coaches develop.


Create simple and advanced player assessments. Print them out or send via email.

Help the coaches in your club develop too. Create coach development records including self-assessment.


Simple tools to help you build your club and other tools to boost new players, events and volunteers.


What Our Customers Say

"Before we started using iTeamMate, collecting subs was a paper excercise and a bit of a nightmare. iTeamMate has made all the difference. We can register players easily and keep a check on coaches certificates"
Marcus Howarth, Moss Bank Football Club

"Collecting Subscriptions and tracking information about club members was a nightmare, until I started using iTeamMate. Very user friendly and easy to understand system. At a glance you can see who owes you what and also check clubs members details, which they can amend all on their own. Great idea and will be the next big thing."
Mike Buckley, Secretary Bradshaw Cricket Club.

"We've been crying out for something like this for a few years now as we have grown so much; the challenges just seem to get bigger every year. iTeamMate has helped us get things back under control and helped us all save so much time its been a Godsend!"
Nigel Dixon - Blackburn Community Sports Club