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One central database for everyone!

The web based database can be updated by the club, coach, committee, or member saving endless hours of chasing, avoiding data duplication, and keeping everything up to date.

Want to know who’s available for next weeks game?

Each member has access to their own calendar, where they can block out availability so you know who's available to play. Members can respond to scheduled training session invitations and match fixtures from their mobile phone, to quickly confirm attendance.


Create fixtures and sessions

Coaches can keep on top of player attendance and fixture creation. A simple online form lets you easily create a new fixture; set the fixture name, date and time, meet time, search the location on a map, or tap the exact location, and then send it out to any of your selected squad members, the opposition and even the match official.


Links to other systems

We are currently working with some of sports leading governing bodies with the aim of building a link (API) between iTeamMate and the association systems.

What Our Customers Say

"Before we started using iTeamMate, collecting subs was a paper excercise and a bit of a nightmare. iTeamMate has made all the difference. We can register players easily and keep a check on coaches certificates"
Marcus Howarth, Moss Bank Football Club

"Collecting Subscriptions and tracking information about club members was a nightmare, until I started using iTeamMate. Very user friendly and easy to understand system. At a glance you can see who owes you what and also check clubs members details, which they can amend all on their own. Great idea and will be the next big thing."
Mike Buckley, Secretary Bradshaw Cricket Club.