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Simple, streamlined, secure, online registration.

Club registration fills many with dread and fear! Long hours, thousands of printed forms and photos, and then nowhere to store them – not anymore.

Player and member registrations can now be done electronically. Add members with a simple form, upload a photograph and even take an image of an ID document using a tablet or mobile phone. Documents are only kept as long as required, and are automatically deleted from the servers after expiry or approval, meeting data protection requirements.

Comprehensive information on each member can be stored and reported on, such as telephone numbers, emails, addresses, gender, ethnicity, religion, medical conditions, emergency contacts, etc.

iTeamMate has produced participation and child welfare data for various sporting governing bodies.


Safely store important documents and roll out policies.

With iTeamMate your club can store a single electronic copy of each policy. Each member is automatically reminded to acknowledge the policies, and this information is stored in the database which can then be monitored and included in reports.

Policy updates? No problem. iTeamMate automatically notifies each member that they need to review and acknowledge the updated document.

Digital document and photo uploads are a breeze. Each member can have access to upload their own photograph and ID document, and can also update their own personal contact and address details. Saving you hours of chasing and updating.

Even scans of hard copy forms (for leagues or other governing bodies) can all be kept in one safe place!

iTeamMate is used by various leagues for registration and you can safely link your club account to a league and give the league restricted access to view only the relevant information they need to see to approve players for team participation. The league can view and approve the player details, and your team coaches can produce an approved team sheet for printing or mobile display.

Want to stay on top of certification?

Keeping track of your responsible club members' certificates can be a huge task. Trying to figure out when the best time to run a training course because first aid certificates will be running out? CRC checks need re-doing, safeguarding, and the list goes on.

Depending on your club sport or activity, you can assign roles to specific members, such as coach, child welfare officer, first aider, etc. and you can quickly, visually see a complete overview of everyone in your club that has, or should have, the relevant certifications linked to their role. With 6 month, 3 month and expired warnings, you can help to ensure your Clubmark and Charter Standard requirements are met, whilst also demonstrating to your members that you are a responsible club.

What Our Customers Say

"Before we started using iTeamMate, collecting subs was a paper excercise and a bit of a nightmare. iTeamMate has made all the difference. We can register players easily and keep a check on coaches certificates"
Marcus Howarth, Moss Bank Football Club

"Collecting Subscriptions and tracking information about club members was a nightmare, until I started using iTeamMate. Very user friendly and easy to understand system. At a glance you can see who owes you what and also check clubs members details, which they can amend all on their own. Great idea and will be the next big thing."
Mike Buckley, Secretary Bradshaw Cricket Club.