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Our flexible, variable, monthly member charge is based on the maximum number of active members in the system that month. This is collected monthly by us. (see table below for charges). The more members you have the cheaper per member it becomes. Payment is taken via GoCardless automatically every month and you will receive a regular, automated, detailed invoice so you can track the usage in your club.

Standard Features

Player & Parent Secure Database
Member Secure Login
Membership Management
Club Wide Communication
Secure Document Storage
Club Wide Forms Management
Online Policy Manager
Certification Manager
Create your own Teams & Groups
Fixture Manager
Attendance / Player Registers
Player Development
Coach Development
Club Awards
Technical Support
Online Videos
Secure Online Back-up

Money Module

Online Subs Collection
Pay as you Play Option
Automatic Reconciliation
Full Reporting
Member Statements / Reminders
Club Expenses
Sales & Invoicing
Governance Overview

Pricing per month (ex. VAT)

Max Number of Active Club Members * 50 100 200 300 400 401+
Standard Features £5.00 £10.00 £15.00 £25.00 £30.00 £40.00
Standard + Money Module £10.00 £20.00 £30.00 £50.00 £60.00 £80.00
GoCardless Subs Collection Fee ** 1%+20p 1%+20p 1%+20p 1%+20p 1%+20p 1%+20p


* over 1,000 members - please call to discuss
10% Discount if paid annually in advance
Payments are collected online each month unless paid annually
** per transaction. £/€ 4 max. An additional fee of 0.1% applies to transaction values above £/€ 2,000.


What Our Customers Say

"Before we started using iTeamMate, collecting subs was a paper excercise and a bit of a nightmare. iTeamMate has made all the difference. We can register players easily and keep a check on coaches certificates"
Marcus Howarth, Moss Bank Football Club

"Collecting Subscriptions and tracking information about club members was a nightmare, until I started using iTeamMate. Very user friendly and easy to understand system. At a glance you can see who owes you what and also check clubs members details, which they can amend all on their own. Great idea and will be the next big thing."
Mike Buckley, Secretary Bradshaw Cricket Club.