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Pay As You Play Subs Collection


The Challenge

Do you run a training academy or have a large squad of players who only play now and again, or pay on match days that means you struggle to get subs in? Don’t worry – iTeamMate is here to help take the pain out of running the game!


Many coaches, captains and managers waste lots of time trying to get subs in, especially after busy training sessions or on a wet Sunday morning when everyone wants to go as soon as possible! It’s hard to keep track and even harder to keep chasing!!

The Solution

When you create your iTeamMate account you simply set up a payment account that allows parents and players to have their fees taken automatically!! They get a simple link in their member login to allow payments from their account which means every time you run a training session or have a game you just tick off on a simple register who was there and hey presto the payment is taken. Not only is the fee taken it updates payment reports for you automatically and allows the payee to see what’s happened through their own iTeamMate login as well! It even tells you if something has gone wrong like the payment has cancelled for some reason, so you can sort it straight away.

So stop wasting time collecting pound coins and chasing people up and switch to iTeamMate – take the pain out of running the game!

Step 1: Simply add a new “Pay As You Play” record to your team; add the fixture name and date.

Step 2: Select the players from your team who have played and send the payment request. iTeamMate and GoCardless will take care of the hassle by collecting all the subs and paying them directly into your club bank account.

What Our Customers Say

"Before we started using iTeamMate, collecting subs was a paper excercise and a bit of a nightmare. iTeamMate has made all the difference. We can register players easily and keep a check on coaches certificates"
Marcus Howarth, Moss Bank Football Club

"Collecting Subscriptions and tracking information about club members was a nightmare, until I started using iTeamMate. Very user friendly and easy to understand system. At a glance you can see who owes you what and also check clubs members details, which they can amend all on their own. Great idea and will be the next big thing."
Mike Buckley, Secretary Bradshaw Cricket Club.